Emily Taradash
photo by Ben Ritter

Emily Taradash was raised on a farm in Rhode Island, but was always attracted to the glitz and glamor of theatre and the city. She learned to sew at the tender age of 7 from her mother and Anne Kendal of Apple Annie Fabrics, and was taught to knit at 14 by her aunts, Anne Lane and Carolyn Arey. After receiving her BA in Theatrical Costume Design from the University of Vermont, she got her first professional experience in Cape Cod, before moving to Williamsburg, Brooklyn in December of 2006. She hunkered down and started designing and making costumes for independent Off-Off Broadway and Brooklyn Dance and Theatre companies including Abby Bender Schmantz Theatre, Theatre Rats, Rachel Klein Productions and the New Globe Theatre Company, before trying her hand at producing hats for Cha Cha's House of Ill Repute, Victor Osborne and Worth & Worth.

Swing For Victory
Performer and Costume Designer

Downstairs Cabaret
Costume Designer

Camp Wanatachi
Stage Manager for the performance in the New York
International Film Festival

Mars Kane
Costume Designer